Our Name Has Changed

We have a new name.
As local banks are bought by non-Oklahomans, those banks are often given new names and lose their focus on local communities. Our name change is for a different reason. On November 1, 2016, we changed our name from Citizens Bank of Oklahoma to Blue Sky Bank. Why? To emphasize the infinite possibilities and creative solutions our bank can provide when we work with our partners.

Blue Sky Bank has been locally owned by Oklahomans for over 100 years. Our name has changed, but our vision is just getting bigger.

Will my checking account number change?
No, routing and account numbers will stay the same.

Do I need to replace my checks?
No, your checks will continue to work. When you run out of checks and order more through the bank, they will feature the new name and logo. If you order checks from an outside vendor, make sure the bank name on the checks reads “Blue Sky Bank” when placing your next order.

Do I need to replace my debit card?
No, your current debit card will still work. When it expires, a new card with the Blue Sky Bank logo will be sent to you.

Do I need to replace my credit card?
No, your current credit card will still work. When it expires, a new card with the Blue Sky Bank logo will be sent to you.

Do I need to notify my employer or direct depositors?
No, your account information will stay the same.

Will my ATM/debit card still work?
Yes, it will work at all ATMs. Designated Transfund machines will still be free.

Will my loan number change?
No, it will stay the same.

Will I receive a new coupon book for my loan payments?
No, please continue to use the coupons you have.

Will I continue to make loan payments using the same method?
Yes, there is no change in this process.

Will the website change?
Yes, the website has changed from www.cboktulsa.com to www.bluesky.bank. However, if you type www.cboktulsa.com, you will automatically be redirected to www.bluesky.bank.

Will bank email addresses change?
Yes. Bank emails used to be xxxx@cboktulsa.com; they will now be xxxx@bluesky.bank. The first portion of the email will not change — only the domain (the words following the @ sign).

Will I need to download a new app on my smartphone or tablet?
The app will not need to be redownloaded; it just needs to be updated in the app store on your device. The update will have the Blue Sky Bank logo and colors.