How Blue Sky Bank gets creative for business customers

When was the last time your bank used its ‘imagination’ to craft a business loan option for you? Business owner Whitney Eslicker says that’s exactly what Blue Sky Bank did for her store, Adorn.

When you walk into Adorn, a home and gift store on 3rd & Trenton, you can tell right away the store is owned by a creative person.

The shop is an explosion of color and happiness. It’s exactly what the store’s owner Whitney Eslicker envisioned her business to be.

In addition to the retail store, Adorn also serves as a home design firm. Whitney personally hand-selects each piece of decor with her clients’ taste and vision in mind.

“I've tried to live colorfully my entire life and now I have a space that is filled with more sparkles and color than a girl could ever hope for,” Whitney said.

When she first began researching different small business loan options for financing Adorn, Whitney shopped around and met with several other financial institutions before she found Blue Sky Bank. But other banks didn’t seem to care about the vision she had for her store, much less share it.

“It was so clinical in the way they looked at it,” Whitney said. “It was like, ‘You can offer this, but you can't offer this, so we can only give you this.’”

But Blue Sky Bank was different. Instead of looking solely at financials, lender Ryan McDaniel took the time to understand her vision and find the right solution, she said.

“He really looked at the business idea as a whole, the plan I had put together,” Whitney said. “There was a big picture to him, and he really used creative thinking to see what would best fit our situation.”

Blue Sky Bank has a century-long history of serving small and medium business owners

Because it has served the Oklahoma market for more than 110 years, Blue Sky Bank has a deep understanding of the local business landscape. We offer SBA loans to start a business, business lines of credit, short term loans, and other business financing products that can help you preserve cash flow.

And because we’re smaller and 100 percent locally owned, our lenders are able to do something for small business owners that other banks really can’t: Be creative.

“That bank uses more imagination than a lot of the other ones I encountered,” Whitney said.

“Using imagination” isn’t something you often hear about a bank. But that’s exactly what Blue Sky Bank does. We’re able to create tailored lending options for its customers because our lending team isn’t limited by a strict financial rubrics like some larger banks are.

Instead, Blue Sky Bank’s lenders are able to spend time learning about business plans like Whitney’s. They saw her as a Tulsa business owner and valued community member — more than just some numbers on paper.

Blue Sky Bank looked at all of Adorn’s business needs, lined them up with the bank’s lending capabilities, and worked to find the pieces that fit together. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to business lending, Blue Sky Bank takes the time to craft a custom solution.

Working with Blue Sky Bank is ‘like working with a peer’

Securing a small business start up loan with Blue Sky Bank and opening Adorn’s doors for business wasn’t the end of Whitney’s relationship with Ryan and Blue Sky Bank; it was the start.

“[Ryan] comes into the shop and checks in just to see how things are going,” Whitney said. 

She knows she can always pick up the phone and call if she has any questions or ideas about financing options for expanding her business. 

“It’s like working with a peer,” she said. “Anybody in the bank can help you and that way it doesn't have that big box-feel like so many do. It's not stuffy. It's a welcoming place. It's warm.”

Adorn is located across from the historic Church Studio and next to Mangos Cuban Cafe. Stop into the store for gifts, holiday decor, jewelry, or to give pets to the store dog, Whitney’s goldendoodle Dudley.

When was the last time your bank used its imagination and went out of its way to understand your vision? We’ll imagine with you.

Get in touch with one of our experienced lenders today.

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  • We will be straightforward with you about whether we are able to compete with other solutions you’ve shopped.
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