This custom kitchen trailer manufacturer finds growth partner in Blue Sky Bank

Cruising Kitchens flourished during the pandemic. It self-produced its own reality TV show called ‘Built for Business’ which will soon air on the Discovery Channel. It grew its business like crazy. And it found a bank to help brainstorm and create growth strategies: Blue Sky Bank.

If it needs to be mobile, Cruising Kitchens can build it. The largest fabricator of custom kitchen trucks and trailers in the world has branched out into mobile offices, command centers, even barbershops.

In other words, Cruising Kitchens can make “anything that you can put on a mobile platform,” explains President and CEO Cameron Davies. 

On top of ballooning his business during the pandemic, Davies can now add “TV Star and Producer” to his list of accomplishments.

The Cruising Kitchens team self-produced a reality TV series about their work called “Built for Business.” The show airs on MotorTrend and is its highest-rated program. In fact, the show has gained so much popularity that it will begin airing on Discovery Channel later this year.

Davies is always looking for ways to grow his business. But until he met the team Blue Sky Bank, he felt like he and the team had been doing this alone.

“I've worked with three or four other banks and nobody gives the service or the commitment to the client that I've received from Brian, Barry, and Blue Sky,” Davies says. “It's nothing I've ever experienced with a bank, I'll be honest with you.”

‘Blue Sky Bank understands growth’

Davies says the difference between Blue Sky Bank and other financial institutions  became clearest in the way they handled small business customers like Cruising Kitchens during the pandemic.

“Blue Sky Bank understands growth,” Davies explains. “When a lot of other banks right now are hesitant because of COVID-19, they're not. They're taking advantage of it and moving the needle.”

Because Blue Sky Bank understands small businesses and how quickly they need to make decisions and take next steps, its teams are designed to work fast and be as responsive as possible compared to big banks.

Within just one day of receiving the necessary documents, Davies says, Blue Sky Bank approved a business loan application.

“It's just, it's crazy how they work,” he says.

Do you consult your bankers weekly?

Davies says he regularly consults Blue Sky Bank on various ideas and opportunities for growing Cruising Kitchens.

“I talk to either Brian or Barry probably once a week right now,” he explains, “just because we're working on growth strategies together.”

Davies found Blue Sky Bank just in time, he explains, because one of Cruising Kitchens’ customers has a big ask: build 3,000 trailers over three years’ time.

It requires Cruising Kitchens to acquire new capital by purchasing another manufacturing facility, its largest one yet — 200,000 square feet minimum. This level of growth requires a close relationship with a local bank that can make things happen quickly, Davies says.

“When you have a bank that you feel confident in, then you feel better about growth,” he explains. “It takes a lot of money to grow and if you don't have that backing and somebody that believes in you, then it's just, it's terrible.”

Work with a ‘true banker’ in Blue Sky Bank

Davies wasn’t the only one unhappy with his other banks.

Many of his friends are also entrepreneurs whose businesses were affected by COVID-19, he explains. He recommends Blue Sky Bank to every single one of them.

“They're not getting the response from their bank that they wanted,” Davies says. “I've just told them if you want somebody that you feel like you can really talk to and have a true banker, go to Blue Sky because they're hands-on, they're quick, and they do follow through with everything they say that they're going to do.”

Davies has only one regret about his relationship with Blue Sky Bank: not discovering them sooner.

“Back then we were so small, [you work with] any bank that's going to give you money because you just never think that you'll be at a position where a bank's going to fund you,” Davies explains. “I wish I would've known Blue Sky 10, 11 years ago.”

With a variety of loan products and financing options available, Blue Sky Bank is all about helping businesses grow. If you’re a business owner who wants a true banker with whom you can talk about growth strategies, get in touch with us today.

  • We will pick up the phone and answer your questions, no strings attached.
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  • We will be straightforward with you about whether we are able to compete with other solutions you’ve shopped.
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