Welcome to Blue Sky Bank. We’re happy you’re with us.

Beginning July 24th bank customers will have access all Blue Sky Bank branches.

As we prepare our systems all bank branches will be closed, Saturday July 22nd.

FNB online banking will not be available starting 2pm, Friday, July 21st until 9 am, Monday, July 24th.

Visit FNB Online Banking

Hello, FNB customers!

We’re excited to announce Blue Sky Bank and FNB have joined forces to better serve you. We understand you might have questions about the transition, so we’d like to answer those here.

As a valued part of FNB of  Weatherford, we want you to know, we're becoming part of the Blue Sky Bank family.

Blue Sky Bank was founded before Oklahoma statehood, giving Oklahomans a safe and secure financial partner. Our mission is to give our customers the stability and financial support to build our communities for future generations. We strengthen our communities by providing access to capital and making real world expert advice easily obtainable. No other bank is built to serve local people and business owners the way we are. We are committed to serving our customers in Oklahoma and Texas.

FNB online banking will remain active until Friday, July 21, 2023, when we will begin to migrate accounts to Blue Sky Bank's core system. The account migration will be complete Monday, July 24, 2023, and then customers can access their accounts through the Blue Sky Bank online banking system.

Also beginning July 24, customers can access their account information at all Blue Sky Bank branches in Oklahoma and Texas. Please visit www.bluesky.bank to learn more information about Blue Sky Bank, and for more information on the upcoming core conversion.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns at 580.772.5574 or by e-mail at weatherford@bluesky.bank.

We have a team dedicated to answering your questions.

More information:

What changes for me as a FNB customer short-term?

What changes for me as a FNB customer long-term?

 Will my checks, debit/ATM card still work?

What should I do as a FNB customer to prepare for the transition?

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