Every small business should have a second bank

Blue Sky Bank is solely focused on giving Oklahoma’s small businesses the help they deserve, no matter who you bank with now.

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Getting your second bank is simple and one of the smartest things you can do

Entrepreneurs and financial experts all preach “get a second bank”

“Don’t depend on just one single bank or financial institution to build all your bank credit with.”

Marco Carbajo, Founder, Business Credit Insiders Circle

“Your small business banker is not only there to ensure your business credit line is open and your cash flow is managed. They can also be a trusted advisor.”

John Burcham, Chief Privacy Officer, EZ Shield, IdentityForce

People use more than one doctor, businesses use more than one supplier, investors build portfolios that diversify their risk...

Yet only 33% of small businesses currently use a second bank.

Getting The Right Second Bank Will Supply Immediate Advantages

Small businesses are the most vulnerable to changes in the business environment. They don’t have in-house specialists to help them navigate daily problems and opportunities. It can feel a little lonely.

This makes choosing the right second bank so beneficial. A second bank that focuses on small business would allow you to:

Increase access to capital

Plan for unforeseen expenses

Manage cash flow

Use financial statements to run operations better

Be more proactive and creative financing your growth

Make better decisions because of your banking team’s experience with other businesses like yours

Ask better questions about your business

Gain another partner you can bounce questions and ideas off of at anytime

If your bank does not already help you with these things, it’s definitely time to make Blue Sky Bank your second bank.

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Like Most, Your Mega-bank is Not Helping You Much

Consider recent J.D. Power research on small businesses and their banks:

of small businesses use a mega-bank

small businesses report that their bank anticipates their needs

say that their bank does not understand their business

Mega-banks have a much greater incentive to work closely with large businesses. Simply, they aren’t set up, staffed, or focused on small businesses.

“We came from a bigger bank who would never give us the time of day. And didn’t take us seriously. We couldn’t get a meeting with them. They never checked on us or anything. They didn’t really care that we were here.”

— Rye Design, Customer of Blue Sky Bank

If you identify even a little with this, let Blue Sky Bank show you what a bank can really do for you.

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Getting The Right Second Bank Will Supply Immediate Advantages

Who We Serve:

This makes choosing the right second bank so beneficial. A second bank that focuses on small business would allow you to:

  • 100% of our companies are in OK
  • They work in 10+ different Industries from a to z
  • 90% of our customers report annual revenue between $1 to $10 million

“For us, banking is not just loaning money when a business comes knocking. It’s helping businesses navigate the daily challenges of operating and creating the opportunities to grow faster. We help them ‘do the knocking’ on opportunity’s door.”

—John Burcham, Chief Privacy Officer, EZ Shield, IdentityForce

Who we are:

  • Led by an entrepreneur who saw that small businesses need and deserve better help.
  • Our bankers are business people first, bankers second.
  • We don’t sit behind a desk in the office pushing paper, we come to our customers and advise them.

Make Blue Sky Your Second Bank Today

Sign up for our Business Pro Package. It’s quick, easy, and free.

We’ve put together the ideal let’s get started and show you a ‘what we can do’ package that gets you comfortable with us and provides immediate benefits to your business. It allows us to understand you so we can help you succeed.


what you get

why it matters for small businesses

Business Pro Checking Account

What You Get

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Choose two key services where you want no fees

Why It Matters For Small Businesses

This is your gateway for us to start understanding the financials of your business

Coffee On Us

What You Get

  • One of our small business experts who know your industry will get to know your business first hand
  • Brings good coffee from a locally-owned shop and talks with you

Why It Matters For Small Businesses

There’s only so much financial forms can say, we get to know you and your business personally

Get Qualified for a Second Bank Line of Credit

What You Get

  • After we get to know you and your business, we’ll be able to determine a line of credit that will always be immediately available to you

Why It Matters For Small Businesses

Small businesses run into unexpected problems or come across unanticipated opportunities and need to be able to quickly act without delay to deal with them

Learn What Tools You Could Use and Get Set Up

What You Get

  • We have a complete range of small business tools that can help you right away
  • We have one of our experts educate you on the ones that would likely be of immediate value
  • There is no sales pitch, most businesses just don’t realize what is available that could help them

Why It Matters For Small Businesses

We’ve learned most small business owners don’t know what a bank can provide. They also don’t take the next step of implementing them.

This is our way of equipping you with the solutions you need and the ones you didn’t know you needed, but glad you have them now.

Phone/text human hotline

What You Get

  • Personal attention anytime you need it
  • You’ll always get a human and a prompt response at Blue Sky Bank

Why It Matters For Small Businesses

It’s important for small business owners to ask questions, bounce ideas around, and get answers they need in their daily operations.

Soon, you’ll be totally comfortable having frequent conversations with us.

“When we bring Blue Sky Bank an idea, they ask questions, we explain it, and then they make it happen. They just make stuff happen for us. They take the stress out of it.”

— Brian Plummer, Owner of Tri-States Sales, Blue Sky Bank Customer

If you want to talk more before making us your second bank, we’d love that. Schedule a call now.

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