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Our small business loans:

We want to hear about any and all of your business loan needs.

No matter how unique or specific they might be, your company’s growth needs are important to us.

Our lenders can quickly understand your business and industry. We have an entire toolbox of solutions that we’ve developed over decades of experience as Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial bank that we can draw from.

We’ll work with you to craft the best custom solution.

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What will my loan rates be?

As a business owner, you would much rather spend your time running your business than loan-shopping — we understand. But there is so much more to providing solid lending services and being a good financial partner than just sending you a set of numbers.

Loan rates can vary quite a bit based on the type of loan, its terms and collateral, and various other reasons. In order to find your best option, we feel it’s important to first learn more about your company and its needs.

Our lending team is happy to sit down with you and get a better sense of your financial state. We’ll dive straight into your challenges and opportunities. If we can’t offer the most competitive rates, we’ll let you know upfront. We commit to being transparent with you and even being a resource to help evaluate your other loan options.

You’ll quickly see what difference our approach makes.

Chat With A Lender

Our lenders are ready to create a custom solution for your specific needs.

Our communities need a local bank that empowers business owners.

We understand that smaller businesses drive local job growth and investment. They are the engine of prosperity. But their size and unique situations make it tough for big banks to focus on them and offer the kind of products and consulting they need when they need it.

Blue Sky Bank embraces this as the ultimate opportunity to do what these banks can’t do as well: work with you to understand the needs of your business and find a loan or combination of lending solutions that best suits them.

You’re the expert on your own business and where you’d like to take it next, with the right business loan. Let’s get started.

Fox Cleaners

“We wanted that community connection and service that you just don’t get from a megabank. We’ve had the white-glove treatment from Blue Sky Bank from the very beginning. They’re always just a phone call away.”
– Maggie Fox, Owner, Fox Cleaners

Mango's Cuban Cafe

“From Day One, any questions I had, any financial issues that came up, Blue Sky Bank was on top of it. My experience with them has been great. I would recommend them to anyone.“
– Anthony Martinez, Owner, Mangos Cuban Cafe

Adorn Designs

“Rather than just looking at the numbers, Ryan at Blue Sky Bank looked at my business idea and my business plan as a whole. He saw the whole picture. It was so refreshing.”
– Whitney Eslicker, Owner, Adorn Designs

Bevins Co

“They’re willing to work with me, they’re flexible, they get things done. They like to say ‘yes.’ Anybody who asks me, I tell them about Blue Sky.“
– Rich Bevins, Owner, Bevins Co

Big elk

“Blue Sky Bank is engaged. They put in the hard work that not every bank would put in. They're just a great financial partner.”
– Geoff Hager, Owner, Big Elk Energy Systems

Blue Sky Bank is the entrepreneurial bank for Oklahoma.

We are responsive, creative, street smart, financial growth hunters who give individuals and owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses confidence in their possibilities.

This is how we stand out from the megabanks you may have worked with before:

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