Serving Oklahoma Since 1905.

Blue Sky Bank was originally chartered in Osage County, Oklahoma in 1905 as the Bank of Commerce in Pawhuska.  Over the last 115 plus years, it has grown and changed names several times, being known as the National Bank of Commerce, NBC Bank and, most recently, Citizens Bank of Oklahoma.  Although the name has changed over time, Blue Sky Bank is and has always been Oklahoma owned.

While maintaining its roots in Pawhuska, the bank grew first to mid-town Tulsa in 2004 and then expanded into Cleveland, Oklahoma in 2014.

Recognizing its strong niche in commercial lending and community banking, and after gaining recognition for being a bank with infinite possibilities and creative solutions for its customers, Citizens Bank was renamed Blue Sky Bank on November 1, 2016.

In 2018, Blue Sky Bank purchased Bank of Cushing, now a branch of Blue Sky Bank, Pawhuska. This acquisition added two branches to the Blue Sky Bank family.

In early 2021, Blue Sky Bank expanded to San Antonio, Texas, with the opening of its seventh branch — representing Blue Sky Bank’s dedication to serving entrepreneurs and their local businesses throughout the Southwest. Also in 2021, Blue Sky Bank announced a merger with The American Bank of Wagoner. This acquisition will allow Blue Sky Bank to continue its growth trajectory and expand its commitment to serving more Oklahomans. The merger is scheduled to be complete by the Summer of 2022.

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