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Business credit cards work virtually the same as personal credit cards. They allow you to purchase on credit, build your business credit scores, and earn rewards on eligible purchases.

Business credit cards, though, should be used for business expenses only. As a result, the categories for which you can earn points after you spend are more in line with business needs. These are categories like utilities, marketing, office equipment and supplies, and others.

When you’re choosing a business credit card for your business, factors like credit limits, fees, and annual percentage rates should be considered. But thinking about your business’s needs is important, too. For example, if you do business internationally, you should note foreign transaction fees.

Our team is happy to explain each of our Blue Sky Bank business credit card offerings in detail and help you evaluate which one best fits your business. If you have any questions or are ready to get started with us, reach out.

Blue Sky Bank’s Business Credit Cards

Blue Sky Bank offers two business credit cards to accommodate the needs of your growing business and make the most out of your business’s purchases: 

  • Platinum Benefits Card
  • Cash Back Rewards Card

Platinum Benefits Card

Blue Sky Bank’s Platinum Benefits Card is ideal for the business owner who doesn’t want to pay annual fees.

No Annual Fee

  • APR Wall Street Prime Rate +12.00%

Convenient Access to Accounts

  • 24-hour toll-free live customer assistance available at 866-598-1769
  • Online account information available 24/7 via Card Valet mobile app or by registering online at Business Card Services. You can also manage your expenses through SpendTrack.


Cash Back Rewards Card

Blue Sky Bank’s Cash Back Rewards Card is ideal for business owners who want to earn cash back for their business purchases for a low annual credit card fee.

  • Low annual fee of $79
  • APR Wall Street Prime Rate. +10.00%

Cash-back Rewards

  • 1% Cash back on all qualifying purchases up to $100,000 annually.
  • APR Wall Street Prime Rate. +10.00%



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