Fraud hits every day.
Blue Sky Bank can help

It doesn’t just happen in the movies — hackers and cyber criminals are a very real threat to small businesses and personal bank accounts. Make sure you and your business are protected.

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Studies show small businesses are more vulnerable to fraud because they have fewer anti-fraud controls than large corporations.

  • 60% of all fraud incidents affect small businesses
  • 42% of fraud at small companies is caused by lack of internal controls
  • Businesses have only 24 hours to report fraudulent electronic payment fraud
  • 47% of Americans experienced financial identity theft in 2020.


Blue Sky Bank’s anti-fraud tools and customer-focused practices can go a long way in helping small businesses reduce fraud losses.

  • With the right tools in place, fraud can be detected right away
  • The faster fraud is identified, the more likely it is you’ll be able to get your money back
  • Blue Sky Bank offers a suite of fraud prevention tools and services, plus personal customer service

Blue Sky Bank’s Fraud Prevention Toolkit.

You’ve worked hard to get your business and personal accounts where they are. Let’s work together to protect it with these fraud prevention features.

Check Positive Pay
ACH Positive Pay
Encrypted Barcode Positive Pay
ACH Block
Dual Control Cash Management Processing Options
Soft Token Cash Management Processing Options
Safe Checks Referral
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Our combo of personal service + modern tools really works against fraud.

The proof is in the prevention. Blue Sky Bank helps real customers fight fraud.

Ahrberg Milling

“We had some fraud on our account and Blue Sky Bank taught us how to print our own checks with their watermark that has prevented any other fraud.”
—Rick Ahrberg, Blue Sky Bank customer

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Bevins Co.

“You still get all the features, you still get all what you get from a big bank with just a small bank seal.”

—Heather Bevins, Blue Sky Bank customer

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Blue Sky Bank’s Fraud Prevention Checklist

Create a unique, secure, impossible-to-guess password for each account.
Add more layers of protection with data encryption and/or two-factor authentication.
Avoid sending any sensitive information — like banking information or social security numbers — via email.
Keep a close eye on your bank accounts and set alert notifications.
Only use trusted, encrypted WiFi networks when sending, receiving, or even looking at sensitive personal information.
Don’t immediately open email attachments or click on links in unsolicited or suspicious-looking emails.
Don’t blindly trust Caller ID or the phone number from which you’re receiving a call.
Be diligent about any sensitive information on paper, too — use a paper shredder to destroy these records.
Beware of publishing private information or ‘friending’ strangers on social network sites.
Keep your bank account contact information and access authorization up-to-date.

Guarding your business or personal accounts isn’t hard —

Our team is ready to help brainstorm solutions around keeping your business secure.  Get in touch with them today.

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