Blue Sky Bank stops check fraud attack for Tulsa small business

When someone tried to cash a bogus check supposedly from Bevins Co., a Blue Sky Bank employee stopped it. Bevins Co. now utilizes Blue Sky Bank’s fraud protection tools for full protection.

The first time Bevins Co. experienced check fraud, HR / Office Manager Heather Bevins thought it was a fluke.

“It probably won't happen again," Heather thought at the time.

But then someone tried to cash a bogus check for a second time, and Heather knew it was time to get some protection.

“When it happens again, you're like, ‘Yeah, I better do something more to protect us,’ since fraud is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, unfortunately,” Heather explains.

Someone had stolen checks from Bevins Co. from their mailbox, she says, scrubbed the name off of one, added their own, and tried to cash it.

But the alleged fraudster didn’t count on Blue Sky Bank knowing its client Bevins Co. so well. After doing business together for over a decade, the bank is very familiar with the electric equipment manufacturer’s business operations and cash flow. 

When they came across the person trying to cash a bogus check, Blue Sky Bank knew something was fishy.

“The teller caught it and I was super impressed,” Heather explains. “She just thought it was off because she'd seen enough of the checks.” 

Bevins Co. gets serious about fraud protection

After the incident, Heather knew she couldn’t just count on other people to spot fraud for her business.

She decided to sign up for Blue Sky Bank’s Positive Pay feature. Essentially, it’s a way of preventing fraud in small businesses by double-checking and approving every single check transaction with the bank to make sure no fraud slips through the cracks.

This feature is ideal for businesses that do a lot of business via check, like paying freelancers and contractors.

“It's an extra step, but what is security worth to you?” says Heather, who explains it takes about ten minutes per day to complete. “To protect yourself, you got to put the time in.”

Community bank approach with modern fraud prevention features

Heather says she’s confident a bigger bank wouldn’t have caught the check fraud in action like Blue Sky Bank did.

“I've never had that experience at another bank,” she says.

It’s the combination of the community bank approach that offers familiarity, expertise, and personalized service with modern protection features that makes Blue Sky Bank such a great business banking partner, Heather explains.

Blue Sky Bank works diligently to detect fraud in small businesses and provide personalized banking  solutions that big bank alternatives wouldn’t be able to. Blue Sky Banks focuses on developing relationships with their clients, making small business fraud an easy thing to catch and prevent in the future. 

“Just because you've got small personalized banking doesn't mean that they don't operate like a big bank,” she says. “You still get all the features, you still get all what you get from a big bank with a small bank seal.”

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