How Blue Sky Bank helped grow a local chiropractic clinic

Dr. Sean Riley, owner of Tulsa Spine and Rehab, has been a Blue Sky Bank customer since 2012. Over the years, he’s depended on Blue Sky Bank — not only to provide various lending options, but also to educate him on what would work best for his business.

Even chiropractic care professionals need someone to have their back sometimes.

Dr. Sean Riley, owner of Tulsa Spine and Rehab, says that’s exactly how he describes his relationship with Blue Sky Bank.

“I just feel like they’re always looking out for me,” Dr. Riley explains. “As a business owner, you want someone who has your back, you want someone there to support you. You want to know someone’s going to answer your call and do whatever they can, go above and beyond, to help you out.”

A multidisciplinary chiropractic rehabilitation facility, Tulsa Spine and Rehab offers everything from physical therapy to yoga to acupuncture. 

“Our motto here is, ‘Keep Moving.’ We want our patients to keep moving,” Dr. Riley says. “We’re here to do what we can for people.”

Grow your business, grow as a Blue Sky Bank customer

And Dr. Riley has kept his clinic moving since 2012. 

As he’s grown his business to expand its range of services and ways to care for patients, Dr. Riley has relied on Blue Sky Bank’s Barry Gibson each time to explain his options.  

Over the years, Dr. Riley has worked with Barry to obtain different types of business loans, such as Working Capital Loans, and most recently, a Business Equipment Loan. Dr. Riley worked with Blue Sky Bank to purchase a new cryotherapy chamber, a machine often used by athletes that utilizes cold temperatures to prevent and treat physical ailments. 

“Literally, I researched which [cryotherapy unit] I was going to go with, I called my banker, and within two weeks, they had the loan approved and I was able to purchase the equipment,” Dr. Riley says.

Blue Sky Bank will get into the trenches with you and guide you through business decisions

Beyond the service-forward customer support and the fast response time, Dr. Riley says he most appreciates the time Blue Sky Bank’s lending team has taken to educate him on which loan products work best for various needs and stages of his business.

“They would always educate me on what was the best option,” Dr. Riley says. “There’s just an open line of communication.”

Starting, running, and growing a business has its challenges, but having a team of banking partners in Blue Sky Bank allows Dr. Riley to feel like he’s never left to figure it all out on his own. 

“It always feels good when someone’s looking out for you — especially as a business owner, because typically we’re an island, we’re by ourselves, we’re making tough decisions daily for our employees to make sure our businesses thrive,” Dr. Riley says.

Allowing business owners to focus on growth and honing their expertise

At the end of the day, Dr. Riley says his first priority is his patients. He’s focused on creating positive experiences and relationships with the people who come to the clinic looking for help.

Knowing that his Blue Sky Bank lender will always pick up the phone to answer questions and support the growth of his clinic allows Dr. Riley to stay laser-focused on his first priority.

“My job is to take care of patients. My job is to run this practice and this office,” he says. “And having Blue Sky Bank as my bank just simplifies my life.” 

Are you looking for a local bank that goes far beyond the bare minimum, one that takes the time to educate you on which loans work best for your business and why? Blue Sky Bank wants to help you grow your business, and share learnings along the way.

Contact a Blue Sky Bank lender today.

  • We will pick up the phone and answer your questions, no strings attached.
  • We’ll work quickly to understand your financial situation before ever suggesting interest rates, ideas, and solutions.
  • We’ll devise a range of solutions that make sense for you and make sure you clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • We will be straightforward with you about whether we are able to compete with other solutions you’ve shopped.
  • Even if you’ve eliminated Blue Sky Bank from your set of possibilities, and are considering alternate lenders, we’ll offer our expert opinion on your other options.
  • Contact Blue Sky Bank by phone or email and one of our expert small business lenders will get back to you within the next business day, if not sooner.
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