Oil Field Equipment Supplier Strikes Big with Blue Sky Bank

Fechner Pump & Supply is busier than ever supplying parts to oil fields across Oklahoma and doesn't have time to waste wading through the banking and loan process—which is why they feel lucky to partner with Blue Sky Bank.

Once your derrick strikes oil, Fechner Pump & Supply jumps into action to provide every single part you’ll need to tap the well and get the oil flowing.  They’ve been proudly serving the oil & gas industry for almost 40 years since opening their first store in 1982. 

The Fechners say that service is what sets their supply shop apart from their competitors. Their fleet of delivery trucks provide fast on-site delivery 24 hours a day, so their customers never have to wait for parts. While they’re working hard to help complete wells—they needed a banker who could work alongside their crazy hours. 

When they first opened their shop, they partnered with a small, local bank called Bank of Cushing. Bank of Cushing was then acquired by Blue Sky Bank in 2018 and the connection Fechner built with them for decades proved to be lasting and personal. 

‘They make every person feel like a priority’

Shaun Fechner, son of company owner John Fechner, has worked with Blue Sky Bank since the acquisition and immediately saw the lengths the bank would go for his father’s small business. 

“I really wish that every bank was like Blue Sky in so many regards...They're looking out for you—going the extra mile. They make every person feel like a priority.”

Shaun even decided to open up a personal account with Blue Sky —straying away from the megabank he was used to. 

“Even though the majority of [my] stuff is over in another bank, I went ahead and opened an account here, just because I want this bank to have some of my money.”

‘Service is very personalized’

When Fechner Pump & Supply needed to apply for their first and second round of PPP loans, Shaun saw first hand how dedicated Blue Sky was to helping them through the process. Their banker even worked weekends to provide loan information and complete their applications. 

“They were very instrumental and very attentive to getting that request taken care of.”

During a difficult and ambiguous time, Shaun appreciated the dedication to answering his requests so quickly. The personal touch did not go unnoticed.

“Their service is very personalized. You walk in the door, they know your name.”

Blue Sky Bank is all about going the extra mile to help businesses grow. If you’re looking for this kind of relationship from your banker, get in touch with us today.

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  • We will be straightforward with you about whether we are able to compete with other solutions you’ve shopped.
  • Even if you’ve eliminated Blue Sky Bank from your set of possibilities, we’ll offer our expert opinion on your other options.
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