San Antonio soccer club finds partner in Blue Sky Bank

Classics Elite Soccer Academy President Marcos Barros recently opened a business account with Blue Sky Bank — and is already so impressed, he’s recommended the experience to nearly every San Antonio business owner he knows.

It’s no secret soccer is a big deal in San Antonio, and it’s no secret Classics Elite Soccer Academy is a big deal in competitive youth soccer.

The only soccer club in San Antonio with its own facility, Classics Elite Soccer Academy was founded in 2004 by merging an all-female soccer club and an all-male soccer club into this premiere co-ed competitive league.

“We're the only club with the best coaches from college, from high school,” explains President Marco Barros. “It has grown, we have about 800 families with diverse backgrounds, boys, girls.”

Barros has worked with a number of banks over the years as Classics Elite Soccer Academy has grown, most of them larger megabanks and regional banks.

‘Banks have completely lost touch with reality’

It wasn’t until Barros recently began working with Lydia Gonzales, Blue Sky Bank’s San Antonio Market President, that he realized banks could — and should — have a personal touch.

“One of the things that really impressed me about [Lydia] and the bank was the personal touch,” Barros says. “I have to tell you, banks have completely lost touch with reality. Everything is automated. You can never find someone to talk to, a live person, a real person, but Lydia is always there.”

Barros opened a business banking account with Blue Sky Bank for Classics Elite Soccer Academy which will be used to save for future expenditures.

“The goal is to have money there for both emergencies and for other improvements in the future,” Barros explained. “What we do is look to the future, the next five years. And I feel we’re on the right track.”

‘Find a real person’

Working with Blue Sky Bank, Barros says he’s come to appreciate not only the personal touch but responsiveness of a good banker.

Blue Sky Bank understands that small business owners don’t have much time to waste and need answers right away, he says.

“You can find a real person who can open the door and have a cup of coffee with you,” Barros says. “And that to me is what I want out of a bank, is a personal relationship, but someone that is on the other side of the line, who can answer the question. And one thing that has been very impressive is that they return calls within a couple hours.”

‘Someone very dedicated, 24/7’

Barros is well connected in the San Antonio business community, as he also works as a business consultant outside of his role at Classics Elite Soccer Academy.

He says the experience he’s had with Lydia and Blue Sky Bank has led him to recommend Blue Sky to friends and colleagues. In fact, several of Barros’ business partners have opened accounts with Blue Sky Bank in recent months.

“Lydia is very different,” Barros says. “We may be talking about someone that is extremely knowledgeable about banking, but you tie that with personal skills and customer service skills, and you're talking to someone very dedicated, 24/7.”

If you’re interested in working with a banker who will be dedicated to answering your questions quickly, give Blue Sky Bank a call or send us an email today.

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