Treasury Management

Our treasury management professionals will work with you to find innovative solutions for your banking needs. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to meet the demands of today’s business world and offer a variety of services to meet any challenge.With innovative products and creative expertise, we will develop the best solutions for all your banking needs.

Remote Deposit Capture
Think about time spent traveling to and from a bank branch to make a deposit. Now you can save time and enjoy the convenience of processing check deposits from your desk. With Blue Sky’s Remote Deposit Capture you can easily process and deposit check payments electronically from anywhere. You can deposit checks more quickly, while processing personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, convenience checks, and corporate checks.

Multiple scanner options are available to best fit your business needs. We will provide local support to work with you to ensure successful deployment and get your employees trained on how the process works.

Remote Deposit Capture is a 3-step process that makes banking with Blue Sky simple:

  1. Scan checks using your RDC scanner
  2. Type in the amount of the check
  3. “Click” submit

That’s it!  It’s simple, fast and user friendly.

There is no need to purchase, install, or maintain software – it is all Web-based. Receive same-day credit until 6:00 p.m. on business days and easily export reporting functions to Excel.

Our Treasury Management Support provides hands-on training and support to your staff.

Let Blue Sky Bank simplify your banking so you have more time to focus on your business.

ACH Origination
With Blue Sky Bank’s ACH origination solution you can easily and securely collect or transfer funds on-line. ACH Origination is provided through Blue Sky’s Online Banking and provides a variety of benefits and multiple payment types:

ACH is the most cost-effective method for making payments. Use ACH to make a variety of electronic payments, such as payroll, vendor, and tax payments. With Blue Sky’s ACH solutions, you can automate and expedite collection of all your receivables.

  • Easily originate ACH transactions as a function within our on-line banking solution
  • Reduce risk of fraud and unauthorized access – multiple levels of security can be used when creating and originating ACH files that provide internal controls and audits.
  • Streamline your accounts payable and receivable while improving cash flow forecasting by reducing checks (and potential check fraud).
  • Spend less time reconciling by reducing check volume will make monthly reconciling fast and easy.

Consider the benefits of Blue Sky Bank’s ACH origination:

  • Control timing: Control settlement timing of disbursements and collections.
  • Set up automatic transactions: Schedule automatic generation of transactions for your review and release. Initiate and release batches from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Keep transaction info organized: Create and maintain your transaction database. View and/or print all ACH activity including audit report.
  • Manage recurring payments: Deposit recurring payments for payroll direct deposit and vendor payments.
  • Manage recurring collections: Execute recurring billings or collections from your customers, such as insurance premiums, monthly service fees, rent or lease payments, membership dues or charitable contributions.
  • Consolidate funds from other accounts: Consolidate funds from remote bank accounts into a main operating account at Blue Sky Bank.

Merchant Services
Credit & Debit Card Processing

Offering multiple payment options to your customers is key to growing your business. Blue Sky Bank’s Merchant Processing provides you with advanced card processing services paired with personalized local customer service. We can help you process card payments with a terminal, computer, phone or tablet.

Blue Sky Bank provides one statement for all card types and online statement availability. Statements are fully detailed and disclose transaction types and associated fees.

Providing competitive rates goes hand in hand with excellent customer service. We are happy to provide pass-through pricing, which is the most transparent and competitive pricing method, and it helps pass interchange savings on to you. If you are already processing card transactions with someone else, email your current processing statement to and let us see if we can save you money.

Providing you with the highest level of customer service is our number one priority. Our Treasury Management consultants will provide on-site installation, hands-on training and troubleshooting. If your merchant processing equipment ever needs repair, we’ll supply you with a “loaner” until your equipment is back up and running. The merchant processing world and pricing can be confusing, and we want to help you through every step of the process. Let us help you find the merchant processing option that best fits your business needs.

Positive Pay
Blue Sky Bank’s Positive Pay is one of the most effective fraud tools available today.

A company lacking proper defenses is vulnerable to financial loss, costly disruptions and reputational damage. Identifying and preventing fraudulent check payments is a difficult task for any organization.

Blue Sky Bank’s positive pay solution provides powerful protection by detecting and returning suspicious checks.

With Positive Pay, check number, dollar amount and payee (optional) fields for each paid check are screened and matched. Pay or return decisions for exceptions are made on-line, and images of exception checks are available for on-line viewing. Also, internal controls can be established by user rights.

Positive Pay makes month end reconciliation simpler.  Mismatched checks can be identified daily during the exception process reducing time spent month end reconciling bank accounts.

For more information please click here Positive Pay

Local Customer Service
Blue Sky Bank is committed to finding the best solutions for your banking needs.   Our local team of treasury management consultants is here to help. We are available, close by and we understand you and your banking needs. Let us show you the best solutions at Blue Sky Bank.