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Cannabis business banking has grown to service 11 states and counting.

Blue Sky Bank is proud to offer cannabis banking services in states from coast to coast. Our team is known for its personal customer service - offering expert advice, always picking up the phone when customers call, and creating tailored solutions instead of cookie-cutter options.

It only makes sense that we bring our expertise to the cannabis industry across the nation to serve more entrepreneurs.

Blue sky bank canna-direct account

For all businesses working directly with the cannabis plant, Blue Sky Bank offers the Canna-Direct Account.
This is a commercial business account designed specifically for cannabis-related, plant-touching businesses.

Canna-Direct Account features and services include:

ACH Electronic Payments
Mobile Deposit
Merchant Services
Debit Card and Checks
Online Business Banking & Mobile App
Armored Cash Pick-Up and Transport Services
Private Drive Thru Drop box for Cash Deposits (OK Only)
Earnings Credits
Business Bill Pay

talk to a blue sky bank cannabis team member about a canna-direct account

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All cannabis-related business owners are eligible
for the Blue Sky Bank Canna-Direct Account:

Dispensary Owners
Waste Disposal

Canna-Indirect Account

Blue Sky Bank also offers the Canna-Indirect Account for businesses that support or provide ancillary services to the cannabis industry.

Businesses that qualify for a Canna-Indirect Account may include manufacturers, real estate or holding companies, contractors, accountants, and brokers.

Your safety and security is Our priority.

Blue Sky Bank provides cannabis business customers armored cash pickup and transport services.

This means Blue Sky Bank never deposits your cash at our bank. It’s picked up directly from your business — so you don’t have to worry about taking your cash anywhere by yourself.

With this service comes the ability to track transport and deposit of your cash.  

In The Weeds With You

Blue Sky Bank helps real cannabis business owners bank safely and simply.

Main Street Meds

“Knowing that you have banking access helps you sleep better at night.”

— Kyle Hensley, Blue Sky Bank Cannabis Customer

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Blue Sky Bank’s dedicated Cannabis Banking team is here to serve you and your business.

Deborah Lin

Assistant Vice President | Sr. CRB Banking Lead

Ever since Oklahoma voted to legalize the licensed cultivation, use and possession of marijuana for medical purposes through State Question 788 in 2018, Deborah Lin and her growing team have studied regulations related to cannabis-related businesses.

The team is your go-to experts for cannabis-related banking questions and needs.

Our Cannabis Banking team is poised and ready to meet with you and your team. We are ready to learn more about your business needs and ask the right questions to curate a creative solution from Blue Sky Bank's cannabis banking features and services.

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