Personal Loans

We work for you to help navigate the complicated world of consumer lending.  Whether is the construction of your dream home, buying your kids first car, or buying a vacation home, Blue Sky has the best solutions for you! Come by one of our locations to see one of our lenders today, call us at (918) 712-4700 or (918) 287-4111 or (918) 358-5004, or download the application at the end of this page.

Vehicle Loans 
Loans secured by new or used vehicles. The term and interest rates of these loans are generally determined by the age of vehicle and the amount of the borrower’s down payment. Interest rates are generally fixed for the entirety of the repayment term.

Recreational Loans
Loans secured by recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, campers, motor homes, boats, and ATV’s.

Mortgage Loans
Loans secured by homes to buy, build, or refinance.

Construction Financing

Gain control of the home building process.  Our experienced lending team will support and monitor the construction of your dream home, while providing access to long term financing through our mortgage lending partners.

Vacation Home Loans

The relationships with our customers stretches beyond the borders of Oklahoma.  Blue Sky Bank’s close relationship with our clients includes financing their vacation homes from the lakes of Oklahoma to the oceans and mountains of our great country.

Personal/Unsecured Loans
Loans backed by the creditworthiness and reputation of the borrower and not supported by collateral.

Cash Secured Loans
Loans secured by certificates of deposit or marketable securities.

Please click to print the Personal Loan Application for your use and deliver or mail it to the bank.  Please do not use this application for real estate secured requests.   We cannot prevent unauthorized interception of information transmitted by you over the internet.  You should not e-mail any personal or financial information to the bank through the internet, including this loan application, your account number or your social security number.